Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beauty in Morgan Hill

Finally .....
getting these pictures up! Awhile ago my sister, b-i-l, Ray and I took the kids out to hike at Uvas Canyon Park. Uvas has a very kid-doable hike that takes you around to all the little waterfalls around the camping area. Nothing huge, but all very beautiful. The kids loved running around, although the trail does run for a bit along a cliff so heart attacks were abound.

Nonetheless, it was wonderful to be surround by the smell of outdoors and the green everywhere! The best thing about our hike was seeing all the ladybugs! Ladybugs go into hibernation until about February. All along the creek, up along the cliff side there were ladybugs clustered together on branches and sign posts. Fascinating!

Uvas actually has camping spaces! I think maybe sometime this summer we'll try them out, let the kids run around in the creek like we did when we were kids at Alum Rock Park. Can't wait for the summer!

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