Friday, October 19, 2012

wondrous strange

wondrous strange
wondrous strange #1
lesley livingston
harper teen
published 2009

Kelley Winslow is an actress. her dreams are finally coming true. However, she takes on the role of a faerie princess and soon discovers that she actually is one. Her father is King of he winter realm and is on a mission for world domination. then, later, she discovers that her mother is queen of the summer realm and is completely evil.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this book.  It was really short, for one, so it didn't feel like there was enough meat to the story.  The characters were all just kind of touched upon so you got the gist of it.  Even Kelley and Sonny were kind of passed over.  And when did they fall in love?  I don't even know, but they are.

Even at the end there was this almost-happy-ever-after vibe, but there wasn't any explanation for it!  But it wasn't a bad book by any stretch.  It was entertaining, slightly humorous in some parts with short bursts of suspense thrown in.

Here's to hoping the next book will bring us some better character development!

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