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pretty little secrets

pretty little secrets
pretty little liars #4.5
sara shepard
published 2012

Rewind to junior year in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, to a winter break no one has ever heard about. . . .
Fat snowflakes fall onto manicured lawns, quilted stockings hang over marble fireplaces, and everyone is at peace, especially Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Spencer. Now that Alison’s murderer is in jail and A is dead, they can finally relax. Little do they know there’s a new A in town. . . .
Rule number one of being an effective stalker: Get to know your prey. So I watch these liars day and night, keeping an eye on the trouble they get into, the messes they make, and the secrets they keep. Hanna’s desperate for a very personal session with her gym trainer. Emily is number one on Santa’s naughty list. Aria’s old flame from Iceland is about to land her in hot water. And Spencer’s resorting to some backhanded tactics to get what she wants.
What happens on holiday break stays on holiday break—right? But guess what. I saw. And now I’m telling.
This book takes place between Unbelievable and Wicked even though it was written after Stunning (the 11th book in the series).  Instead of the POV changing at each chapter the book is broken into four parts, each part focusing on one of the girls and taking us through winter break.  
Hanna is still trying to find her place in her dad's affections and his new life.  Now that he's moved in his fiancee and her daughter into Hanna's mom's house Hanna has to deal with them everyday.  She's not the only one dealing with new 'parents'.  Aria's not happy to be sharing her dad with Meredith, but that ends up being the least of her problems over Christmas break!
Emily is missing her friends and looking for new ones while still trying to be the good girl her mother wants.  And Spencer.  Well, Spencer isn't sure whether or not she can trust her own sister.
These adventures are fun and crazy, but I'm not sure how the rest of the series will go for me.  I thought that once they found out who A was we'd move on, but now it just seems there's a new A in the mix AND she seems to be EVERYWHERE!  It was slightly annoying every time one of the girls heard a 'high-pitched giggle' that sounded 'so familiar'.
But even though I'm not to sure about where the stories are going I still have to keep reading.  I'm invested in these girls!

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