Thursday, July 26, 2012

it's time to go offal

Top Chef is most certainly my favorite reality show.  Hand's down.  I've seen all 9 seasons of the original, 2 seasons of Desserts & 3 seasons of Masters.  The new season of Masters started this week and ohmygod Chris Costentino is a cheftestant!!!!!! 

He's mah faaayvorite.  He co-owns Incanto is San Francisco.  They have a Leg of Beast feast that I've been dying for.  I need to find 5 other people who are willing to shell out $55 bucks each for dinner tho. Chris is one of the biggest fans of Offal & has a site about it called Offal Good.  I reallllly want to go to Incanto.

The thing about Top Chef is that it's a real cooking contest.  It's not super drama filled (tho there's always a bit of that), but it really is all about the cooking and there are some dang talented chefs competing.  Top Chef Masters is harder because I always know at least 50% of the chefs competing.  Not personally of course, I'm just not that cool (shocking, right?).

If Chris doesn't win I'll be devastated.  Kind of like when he lost The Next Iron Chef.  He should've had that win!

Anyhoo...I have nothing else to say on the matter at this time.

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