Thursday, July 19, 2012

today doesn't suck

amidst all the crap that is going on and awful things and ouchy way i feel today i sit here crying happy tears.

why?  because someone i have never met irl, but who is one of the most important people i have known got the best news one could ever have.  nat is THE best notie in the world and despite layers of shit she's had to dig through this last year or so she remains upbeat, happy and an inspiration.


and i KNOW she is going to be the best mama in the universe because she can't be anything but.  that little Trogdor is so incredibly lucky s/he (personally I'm hoping for a 'she' ;) ) doesn't even realize the amazingness that is about to be bestowed upon her/him.

i am so happy for you nat & jimi.  you take care of that miracle and make sure you tell everyone who wants to give you shit for the next 7+ months to fuck off.  there will be no stressing my notie out.

love you all three of you to pieces.  i can't express how ecstatic i for your little family am right now.

btw...i told you this was your year.

oh, ps. she blogs over at my blog is boring and you should read it.  'cause it's not boring.

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