Sunday, September 2, 2012

hell's corner

Hell's Corner refers to the jurisdiction that is Lafayette Square of President's Park.  The park is patrolled by Park Police, Pennsylvania Avenue is DC Metro's responsibility and the sidewalks fall under the protection of the Secret Service.  Suffice it to say, crimes that happen in that area are more susceptible to bureaucratic red tape.

Such is the case in David Baldacci's Hell's Corner.  John Carr is a wanted man.  After his escapades in the previous novel he knows that sooner or later they will come for him.  And they do.  Only it's not for the reasons he suspected.  The President tells him that the drug market is no longer in the hands of Mexican cartels, but the Russians.  And since John was active during the Cold War the President needs John's expertise to find the proof.

He literally has no choice but to accept this mission.  Contemplating the ramifications of his predicament he strolls through Lafayette Park only to witness the detonation of a bomb right next to the White House.  In the meantime, the Camel Club is trying to figure out why John (Oliver to them) is working for the same people who ruined his life years ago and they're determined to do whatever it takes to help him, even if it means one of them will die.

Out of all the Camel Club books I've got to say that this one is my least favorite.  I felt like Oliver (John) was a defeated man throughout the entire book.  He was still a bad ass, kicking butt and not even worrying about taking names, but he was so over it he barely had any fight left in him.

Throughout the book, I felt as if I was missing a book in between.  When did Annabelle get so weepy and hysterical?  She seemed to cry for everyone in the story.  The book took awhile to get going too.  The Camel Club was sort of way far back, tucked away while John/Oliver went about his business with his new 'partner.

Don't get me wrong, still a good book.  I just like a fiery John Carr, not this sad, old man who already seems to have one foot in the grave.

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