Saturday, September 29, 2012

the search

the search
nora roberts
putnam adult
published 2010

Talented search and rescue dog trainer Fiona Bristow escaped the clutches of a serial killer several years before, but not before he murdered her fiance and her beloved dog. She has retreated to a cabin in the wilderness and is wary of forming bonds with anyone, but handsome newcomer and talented carpenter Simon has an unruly puppy to train and soon man and dog charm their way into Fiona's life. But just when she starts to relax, it becomes clear a copycat murderer is on the loose, and making his way closer and closer towards her with unfinished business on his mind ...

This book, while it still follows Nora Roberts usual style was just a tad different.  I noticed the shift when I read Chasing Fire.  Fiona is a little more self aware.  There really doesn't seem to be a self conscious bone in her body.  She admits to being afraid when she should be afraid and she gets it when her anger is misdirected.  She does what needs to be done and she's pretty calm and cool about it.

Simon is pretty much a grumpy old man without the old.  And seriously, that's about it for that guy.  She doesn't delve into his head as much as she has her other male characters in the past.

The bad guys are kind of boring and when it all ends I wonder how they'll stop Perry from doing the same thing again.  I doubt she's setting up for a sequel.  The only time we see multiple books come out of her is when she's set up the characters beforehand quite obviously in the first books.

It was a good read.  The research was exceptional as usual.  Learning about training dogs for home & search and rescue was interesting, but nope....still don't want a dog.

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