Sunday, July 14, 2013

photo a day: july 7th-14th

July 7th
Where You Are.....

At the NKOTB concert with my sister!

July 8th

To a giant mess.

July 9th
3 Things....
3 random t-shirts from Tee Turtle!!

July 10th

 My clean kitchen table!

July 11th
I Wore This!

My favorite t-shirt.  It's comfy & I love the design.

July 12th
A Bad Habit....

I stopped smoking years ago, quit biting my nails a month ago so I guess it would be sweets, but at least these are organic, all natural & GMO free!  I couldn't very well take a picture of 'being a bitch', could I?

July 13th 
4 o'clock
Sleeping baby at the mall.  Riding around in a stroller is tough work, people!
July 14th

Spicy sauce from our favorite ramen place, Kahoo's.

And now I'm all caught up with my posting!

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