Wednesday, April 30, 2014

astonishing x-men, vol. 2: dangerous

astonishing x-men, vol. 2: dangerous
issues #7-12
joss whedon & john cassaday
marvel comics
published 2007

A tragic death at the Xavier Institute reveals a powerful enemy living among the X-Men that they could never have suspected - and no, it's not Magneto.

Things heat up in a way none of the X-Men ever dreamed, but will teamwork save the day when they can't even depend on themselves?

Creepy, creepy!  Danger reminded me of a female Predator.

But we find out things maybe we didn't know before.  Again though, because I don't know X-Men history, or really Marvel history, I had no idea what Genosha was.  But the tension building up into the non-fight was good and I laughed at the last page that looked like it came straight out of a Buffy flashback.

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