Sunday, April 20, 2014

i like it like that

i like it like that
gossip girl #5
cecily von ziegesar
published 2008

It's spring break and love is in the air.  Or is that a blend of Chanel no. 9 and Gucci Rush?  Is there a difference?  Blair moves in with Serena and they're back to being best friends.  But will the love-fest last or will they end up tearing out one another's newly highlighted hair?  And speaking of new, Nate is on the straight and narrow, playing Nate-in-shining-armor to his crazy new girlfriend, Georgie.  But he will definitely get more than he bargained for when he, Georgie, Blair, and Serena end up hanging out together in Sun Valley, Idaho.  Back in Manhattan, Jenny is spending time with a mysteriously nice new boyfriend and Dan is spending time crying in the office of the Red Letter literary journal.  And Vanessa, wait, is that Vanessa shopping at Barney's with a guy in a Lacoste shirt?  The long cold winter is over and the sun is finally shining along Fifth Avenue.  The trees are in bloom and NYC's most fabulous are ready for a truly outrageous vacation!

It's funny.  Usually, I read the book before I see the movie, but there haven't been too many book series that TV shows have been based on that I've watched.  Bones is one of them, but those books are so different it's really only the Temperance Brennan character who is the same.  When I do read a book and see the movie I'm inevitably disappointed in how the movie portrayed a character or changed something.  I hardly ever think the movie change was for the better, but in the case of Gossip Girl the changes that were made were mostly for the better in my opinion.

My favorite characters on the TV show were Chuck and Blair.  The only reason why I watched the show after the second season was only because of the two of them.  The rest of them could have all died in a fiery soap opera plane crash and I would have continued watching as long as Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf were still there.  In the end, I didn't even care who Gossip Girl was.  I just care about what happened to Chuck & Blair.

So while I loved them on the show, the book is much different.  Chuck is nowhere near the show Chuck.  He's like first episode Chuck, but much further out there.  Plus, he's a background character that we hardly get to see, much less get into his head.

Still, I find myself drawn to Blair.  I could care less about Nate, Serena, Jenny, Dan or Vanessa.  Their chapters are just annoying interruptions to my Blair story!  Out of those Vanessa is probably most interesting.  Dan is just as ridiculous as he was on the show and even Jenny, who I loved in the It Girl books, is boring.

However, it doesn't matter what I don't like about these books because I still love reading them!  I'll keep reading just in case my Chuck Bass comes back.

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