Thursday, July 10, 2014

i left my ♥ in san francisco

There are times when I just need a break.  I mean, I love my girls and all, but sometimes I want to sell them to my parents or my sister because otherwise, I might just die.

Fourth of July week Ray had off work and so Thursday my parents took the girls overnight and Ray and I spent the entire day in San Francisco.  San Francisco is probably my most favorite thing about living in the Bay Area.  I love the diversity of everything!  The people, the food, the styles...the mix of modern and historical, the smell of the bay, the view of's all my favorite.  I feel recharged and excited about everything after being in the city for a day.

We started out our morning heading over to the Ferry Building Market.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are Farmer's Market days and you can get ramen from Hapa Ramen which was my mail reason for going.  The pork and the noodles were delicious, but I could have done without the kale in my broth.

After filling my belly with ramen we wandered around the Ferry Building and walked by Boccalone, but alas, no Chris Cosentino.  Nonetheless, there were lots of things (and people) to look at.  I picked up some postcards to send to my LEPsters and then we wandered out to the Embarcadero shopping area for a bit before making our way to the San Francisco Shopping Centre.

Now, it's basically just a Westfield Shopping mall, but every time I go I have to take a picture of the ceiling.  It's so freaking gorgeous and makes me so happy.

Got some delicious tea from Lupcia after smelling just about every tea they had.  We also stopped in at a very crowded David's Teas, but because it was so crowded (and also because I literally have over 20 different kinds of teas at my house) I decided not to buy anything.

Inside Maido I found they sold Preppy fountain pens and Pilot Petit fountain pens so I bought three of each and some refills.  It was a very exciting moment for me!  The Maido on Santana Row doesn't have any!  We took the longest walk in the entire universe to get to Flax Art store down Market.  It was huge and full of just about every kind of art supply you might need to do whatever project you might do.  I ended up buying just a Stella pen (which I love and will now be buying more of them), but it was worth the 100 mile walk.

I also discovered this mall is more awesome than malls around here for the simple fact that their Hallmark store had the Itty Bitty Batman I haven't been able to find anywhere!!  Isn't he so cute?!  And I couldn't resist the SoSo Happy stickers too.

Then we were off the Japantown, which we didn't realize was going to close up in an hour.  *sad face*

 We did get into Daiso and found the motherload of all the shit I did not need, but needed.  Like these timers which we're using for green, herbal and black tea.  The clerk at Lupcia actually told us about them.  So far they work brilliantly.  Much better than the $15 broken one we got from Teavana.

Mini envelopes I'm going to use for mail tag!  I really did rein myself in here as I wanted to buy a bunch more, but I found other things I wanted to buy.....

Like all this stationery!!!  I bought two of everything!!  $1.50 for 12 sheets, 6 envelopes and 6 stickers.  I'm in love with it all.

 After eating dinner at another ramen joint (which I didn't take a picture of because I was already hungry and eating before I remembered to take a picture, plus the egg was hardboiled.  Seriously.  Booooo) we wandered around the closed shops, sat in Hotel Kabuki for an hour while we waited for our movie at the Kubuki Theater to start.

The Kabuki Theater is part of the Sundance Theaters and so they show a lot of indie or limited release movies.  Our main reason for going was because they have some showings that are 21 and over.  You can order drinks and food from the bar and take them into the theater with you.  So we got our tickets for Chef and got a beer and a vodka cranberry (THAT COST $25!!!!!!) and watched a movie.

The movie was super cute and I loved it.  It was just what I needed and I love watching movies with cooking in it.  Jon Favreau was great, John Leguizamo was adorable (something I never thought I would say), but the star of the movie was 11 year-old Emjay Anthony.  He stole the show for me.

So we drove back home in the middle of the night, sore from walking (buy I did hit 20,000 steps before midnight!), but I felt much better than I had in weeks.  Now my house is clean and I'm back to reading books and writing letters.  Of course, my reply pile is in the double digits, but that's okay!  I'll catch up and send out some surprise happy mail and finish my books and all is good.

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  1. I love being a tourist in San Francisco. I wouldn't live in it, though. I have no patience with the traffic and crowdedness (is that a word?! lol). However, like you, I love San Francisco because of the diversity. I have to visit it again soon. I've yet to visit all the other beautiful landmarks I haven't gone to. If only I could find time...



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