Sunday, July 6, 2014

the flash: move forward

francis manapul & brian buccellato
dc comics
published 2011

Struck by a bolt of lightning and doused in chemicals, Central City police scientist Barry Allen was transformed into the Fastest Man Alice.  But there are some things even the Flash can't outrun.  After years spent on the hunt for vengeance, one of the Flash's oldest friends has returned, with new enemies hot on his tail - an unstoppable mob that seems to grow more quickly than the Flash can stop them.

In the supermax prison called Iron Heights, the Flash's most dangerous enemy plans his escape, dreams of revenge, and prepares to put the Flash on ice for good - driven by a personal grudge the Flash can't see coming.  And deep within the Flash himself, incredible new powers are ready to be unleashed - unforeseen, unexplored abilities fueled by the same Speed Force that makes the Flash run, and which could be his greatest weapon....or his worst nightmare.

When I was talking about subscribing to a new comic I was thinking about Red Hood or Nightwing (which is actually over and restarting as Grayson) or even Damien Son of Batman.  Ray said I should get out of Gotham and try something else.  Since I'd already read some Green Arrow books (though nothing in the New 52) I thought maybe I'd try The Flash.  With his show coming to TV next season it seemed like a good fit.  Plus, the library had the first two volumes so that pretty much sealed the deal.

I thoroughly enjoy Francis Manapul's artwork.  It's pencily looking (can you tell I'm such an artist), not too slick, but the panels are clear and easy to interpret.  The story itself was pretty great as well although we go from some scientific cloning/regeneration talk to time-space rifts to talking gorillas.  It's quite a spectrum.

Basically Barry Allen is trying to balance what every masked hero is balancing.  How to do stuff and not be hated by your girlfriend.  It doesn't seem to matter that Barry is probably the nicest superhero, everyone still kind of blames him for stuff.  Poor guy.

It kept me entertained and I started reading the next volume before I stopped myself and said I should write this review!

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