Wednesday, August 29, 2012

to watch or not to watch

I've made it through five seasons of True Blood.  During the first season I started reading the books.  I'd always thought about reading them, but remember, I'm a book cover kind of girl and let's face it, those covers are awful.  So I started reading them and found a Sookie that was a million times better than the TV Sookie.  She's stronger, more independent, less pathetic.

The downside was that it made the TV show less appealing at the same time more interesting.  TV Sookie and Bill make me want to barf.  They both drive me crazy and I'm not sure if it's the actors (that I don't like anyway) or something else.  On the other hand the books really don't have much to do with other characters besides Sookie, Bill, Eric, Pam & Sam.  Tara, Lafayette, Andy, and everyone else has either made a quick & quiet appearance or doesn't exist at all.  So that makes the show more fun because let's face it Lafayette & Tara are awesome.

*******If you haven't watched the show and want to or haven't caught up you should stop reading & start watching*********

This last season was painfully boring.  I thought the Lilith story line might be a little interesting, but it was awful.  The Authority is a joke.  Everyone was really so easy to take out eventually.  And Russell & Rev. Weirdo are just obnoxious beyond all reason.  I don't like Pam & Eric apart.  I don't like Sookie & Tara at odds.  Even though I despise this Sookie, I love Tara and it's just weird to have them not speaking.

Granted, I understand Tara's anger, but these two (Sookie & Lafayette) are the two people who loved her the most.  Though the decision was mostly selfish on their parts, Tara was meant to be a vamp.  She kicked ass as a human so as a vampire she's perfect.

And Tara & Pam?!  I can't love that anymore than I do.  I LOVE PAM.  She and Eric are my favorites both in the books & on the show.  When he released her I died.  That was not what I wanted.  I need Eric & Pam together always.  Having Eric come through in the end was nothing less than expected.  He is the hero.  He is perfect, no?

And Lafayette.  My heart broke for him when Jesus died.  I loved him having someone.  When shit goes down it's always Lafayette that gets screwed.  And that was major.  But he's pulled through and he makes me laugh every single episode. 

The fairies started out completely ridiculous.  I mean really...but it's starting to get a bit interesting and Andy's involvement is priceless.  I like that Terry, Holly, Andy & Arlene are getting a bit more screen time.  They are hilarious.

Jessica, Jason & Hoyt.  That killed me.  Hoyt's leaving and his going away present was so so so sad.  And now Jason's got this weird thing going on and so he's pushing Jessica away, probably the best character on the show who didn't ever show up in the book.

So will I watch next season.  Yeah, probably.  I must find out what happens to Eric.  I suppose as long as he's on the show I'll have to watch.  We all know how I feel about that guy.  It better not be so slow next season.  I'll be sad.

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