Wednesday, January 29, 2014

all i want is everything

all i want is everything
gossip girl #3
cecily von ziegesar
published 2007

It's Christmastime and Blair and Serena are best friends again and up to their old tricks - partying hard and breaking hearts from Park Avenue to the Caribbean.  Blair's mom and Cyrus are having their honeymoon in Salt Key.  And when school lets out for the holiday, Blair, Serena, Aaron, and company head down there to blow off st  eam after their midterm exams.  In between Pina Coladas and topless sunbathing, Blair and Serena plot revenge on super-jerk Chuck Bass.  Everyone jets back to NYC for Serena's New Year's party, during which Nate and Blair may or may not finally go all the way, and Serena may or may not be discovered to be the secret flung of Hollywood's hottest young leading man.

These are always fun.  Mindless entertainment mostly and since I watched the first few seasons of the show it's fun to compare.  Dan is even more of a douchebag in the books than he was in the show.  I really just don't like him.  I hope he gets better.

Jenny and Nate are still together though that's mostly because Nate's so stoned he really doesn't know what's happening.  I think this might the last Gossip Girl book she's in before she moves on the It Girl (which I loved).  Blair is working on her essay for Yale and Serena is just Serena.

Seriously, there is nothing too hard about these books but they are so much fun!

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