Friday, January 31, 2014

north world vol. 1: the epic of conrad

north world vol. 1: the epic of conrad
lars brown
oni press
published 2008

Northworld really isn't that different from our own...the biggest difference is the presence of mythical monsters, talking bears, arcane arts, and, of course, the heroes who stand ready to defend the innocent and helpless from these extraordinary threats!  Conrad is one such hero and he's about to experience something scarier than any of the mighty beasts he's faced down - his ex-girlfriend's wedding!

OK, so I know that there are other books but I don't know if they're connected.  Is Conrad's story continuous or do we move on to another character???

I did like this one, but dang it what happened?!  He does make some life decisions that seemed to be weighing on his mind, but the case that he's sent out to take care of.....nothing.  I mean, the reader knows what's what, but Conrad is clueless.

But yes, I really liked it.  There was so mystery, some action, a little love, some family drama....seriously, what more could you ask for?  Now I just have to wait for my library to fill my request for the second book....

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