Saturday, January 4, 2014

suicide squad, vol. 3: death is for suckers

suicide squad, vol. 3: death is for suckers
adam glass, henrik jonsson & sandu florea
the new 52 issues 14-19
graphic novels/crime
dc comics
published 2013

As the Suicide Squad closes in on Basilisk leader Regulus, Deadshot and Harley discover multiple Basilisk sleeper agents within their ranks.  Regulus, makes one final desperate gamble to save himself by controlling Harley's mind, but Deadshot makes the ultimate sacrifice for his teammate.  Harley's lost "love" the Joker casts a poisonous rain over Deadshot's funeral, leaving only Harley conscious to face the clown prince of crime.  Angered and unable to trust Harley because of her relationship with Deadshot, the Joker tests Harley's loyalty, a test which may cost both of them their lives.

The Joker's back and he's a little pissed that his lucky lady has moved on.  It doesn't matter that Deadshot is six feet under, Joker still has a score to settle.  He wants to make absolute sure that he can trust Harley.

Always happy to see the Joker!  And they went all out with the title because truly, death is for suckers.  It seems that everyone has died at least once since the beginning of the series, some characters twice.  There's something Waller is doing to the Suicide Squad members, but none of that has been made perfectly clear yet.

Suspense and action and a bit of a cliffhanger at the end.  Who survives to the next round?

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