Sunday, February 2, 2014

bokurano ours, vol. 5

bokurano ours, vol. 5
mohiro kitoh
viz media
published 2012

Zearth's surviving pilots make a promise to each other: they'll never break down, they'll never cry, and no one's to blame. Yet after Maki's battle breaks open the core of her opponent a frightening discovery may test their new resolve. Inside, the children come upon a terrible shock - the truth about who they're driven to destroy.

So yeah, I was completely wrong about the enemy robots.  I think it was just wishful thinking on my part, but after Moji's battle and the choice he makes with his body I knew that was it.  The kids are really dead after their battles.  The one thing I don't get is why some of them live a bit after their victories and some drop dead right away.

Maki's story is just so sad.  These kids are just in a shitty place all because of some wacko that we don't really know anything about.  Why these kids?  Just because they stumbled upon that cave?  Or were they meant to find the cave?

And now that they know what's inside the core does that change anything for them?  Either choice they make is hopeless for them.  At the end of volume 5 there are still 7 kids remaining.  It's getting pretty bleak.

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