Monday, February 3, 2014

chew, vol. 2: international flavor

chew, vol. 2: international flavor
john layman & rob guillory
image comics
published 2010

Cibopathic detective Tony Chu - able to get psychic impressions from whatever he eats - has a strange new case.  A newly-discovered fruit which, when cooked, tastes remarkably like chicken, leads Chu to a small Western Pacific island, an island full of secrets, intrigue...and murder!

Agent Chu is reunited with John Colby, his former partner in the Philly PD.  Now Agent Colby is working for the FDA with a bionic head.  He hasn't changed much and he adds a lovely layer of ass kicking humor to the book.

Chu is on the hunt for this fruit that tastes like chicken.  On a lead to the whereabouts of this fruit he runs into his brother who is opening a restaurant on the little island where the laws on poultry are much more relaxed.

Rumors of vampires start circulating when a body from the first book makes an appearance and Mason is still hiding out somewhere.

Not as funny or as gross as the first book, but it's still very entertaining.

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