Tuesday, September 17, 2013

brody's ghost, vol. 3

brody's ghost, vol. 3

mark crilley
dark horse comics
published 2012

All Brody wanted was to slack off, make some quick cash, and get back together with his ex-girlfriend.  But Talia - a teenage ghost - has other plans: she thinks Brody's just the guy to help her earn her way into the afterlife by catching the Penny Murderer, a serial killer who's targeting a series of young women.

Under the instruction of ghost samurai Kagemura, Brody has toughened his body and honed his supernatural senses.  But Brody gets more than he bargained for when his extrasensory visions hurl him straight into the twisted, murderous mind of the perpetrator himself.

Mark Crilley is just one of my favorite artists to publish.  Not only does he draw incredibly engaging panels, but he writes a compelling story to go along with it.  It felt like not much was happening until we get to the pennies and the extra file.  Whaaaaaat?  Where's volume 4?!?!  I must read it now!!

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