Tuesday, September 17, 2013

bunny drop, vol. 8

bunny drop, vol. 8
yumi unita
yen press
published 2010

Reconnecting with her biological mother and her new family has put Rin at peace with her unfortunate beginnings.  Now, becoming a big sister is cause for happiness for the levelheaded young woman.  But despite this closure, all is not roses.  The world around her seems obsessed with romance - Kouki still vies for Rin's affection, Reina jumps between relationships, a classmate shows his interest in Rin herself.  Yet for Rin, love isn't turning out quite the way it's supposed to.  Trapped between her head and her heart, will Rin be able to sort out her feelings before someone else pick up on them to a disastrous effect?

Rin has finally met her mother and now has a baby sister.  She no longer feels so unattached to the world, I think.  But the rest of it....I'm not sure if I like where this is going, yet at the same time I can kind of understand it

I definitely don't want Rin and Kouki together.  That doesn't make sense to me at all and I'm sad that Kouki's mother has moved on.  I wish that the story would focus some on Daikichi like it did in earlier books so we can see what he's been up to.  While the teenage angst stuff is interesting I did like how we were inside Daikichi's head before too.

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