Thursday, September 19, 2013

love hina

love hina, vol. 1
ken akamatsu
kodansha comics
published 2002

When he was a child, Keitaro made a promise to the one and only girl who ever liked him.  When they both grew up, they'd go to Todai together and live happily ever after.  Now, at age 19, Keitaro has applied to Todai...and failed...twice.  After being kicked out of his house by his parents, Keitaro seeks refuge at his grandmother's Hinata Inn.  Unfortunately, the inn has been converted to an all-girls dorm and Keitaro must pass a test far greater than the Todai entrance exam.  He must convince the girls he is worthy of staying at Hinata Inn!

Oh poor Keitaro!  He just can't get cut a break.  Crazy stuff happens to him all the time and it's not his fault, but he always gets blamed for it!  And despite working so hard he just can't seem to do better on his exams.

The characters are outrageous and funny.  Each one different than each other and each one seems to have their own huge personality that doesn't quite get enough time.  Keitaro is silly and endearing.  You root for him even though you know he's probably not going to make it, but maybe...just maybe he'll surprise you!

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