Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the legend of zelda manga series


oracle of ages
four swords, part 1
four swords, part 2
minish cap
a link to the past
phantom hourglass
akira himekawa
graphic novel/manga/adventure/ya
viz media
published 2009-2010

The Legend of Zelda manga series is a collection of 10 books that are written in collaboration by two women, A. Honda & S. Nagano.  When they started they played all the games so they could get an idea of the story and then they sat an elaborated to create the books.

I'd say they've done a great job.  The Four Swords story might have been my favorite just because of the 4 Links trying to get along and work as a team.  They were pretty funny kids.  Although, Phantom Hourglass was truly in the style of The Windwaker (my favorite Zelda game thus far) and even had Tetra in it!

There's a great attention to detail from Link to his companions to the enemies he fights.  It's so much more interesting to read the conversations and see the familiar places from the games from a different perspective.

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