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the web
alex delaware series #10
jonathan kellerman
suspense/psychological thriller
bantam books
published 1996

Three months in paradise, all expenses paid. It's an invitation Dr. Alex Delaware cannot refuse. Revered scientist Dr. Woodrow Wilson Moreland has invited Alex to a remote Pacific island to help him organize his papers for publication.

Yet the pleasures of sea and sand are quickly eclipsed by the disturbing presence of Dr. Moreland himself. The bizarre seemingly unrelated cases he chooses to share, including the recent murder of a young woman, lead Alex to wonder what the good doctor is trying to tell him -- and what the real motive for inviting him to the island is. But when Alex discovers the shocking truth, it is too late to stem the tide of violence that threatens innocent and guilty alike on this lovely lost island.

For some reason I am unable to fully explain this book held my attention much better than the previous 9 Alex Delaware novels.  One of my biggest dislikes, really there are very few, is Kellerman's habit of describing whatever route Alex drives when he has to go somewhere.  Being on an island that is 7 square miles and only about 1 mile of that accessible he wasn't really able to do that.  So maybe that's it!

Nonetheless, I was captivated by the story.  There was this mystery and in hindsight maybe lots of clues, but I didn't see it coming.  I had very little expectations for this book, actually thought it would be boring so maybe that helped too.  Moreland was strange and yet charming.  Beyond him there wasn't much more to most of the other characters.  An instant dislike for Creedman, but that was obvious.

Or maybe it was that there was more involvement from Robin.  I genuinely like Robin.  She seems to subtly make everything more interesting!

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