Sunday, March 31, 2013

the walking dead, vol. 16-18

the walking dead, vol. 16
the walking dead, vol. 17
the walking dead, vol. 18
robert kirkman
graphic novels/horror
image comics
published 2012-2013

Let's not be ridiculous.  We all know what The Walking Dead is about.

I don't know at this point if I'm reading these out of loyalty or if I enjoy them.  Actually, I don't enjoy them.  There is nothing enjoyable about this series anymore.  It just gets worse.

It's just gotten boring.  There's not much that can happen at this point.  It's run, settle, kill some human, horde comes, kill some zombies, run, repeat.  Now we're just getting into the 'there's more people alive than we thought and they're not good people.'

There's a lot to be said for humanity and how you would react in this situation.  We can't know if we'd be Andreas or Ricks or Glens or Maggies because you don't know until you're face first in a pile of shit like they are, but Rick is so goddamn annoying I can't care if he lives or dies.  And despite everyone talking about how great the TV show is because they kill off anyone, Rick just won't die (at least in the books) because he is the glue that holds this series together.  But I'm so sick and tired of him moaning about how he never wanted to be a leader.  Then how about this, stop bossing people around.

But I get it.  He's surrounded by morons.  Literally.  Somehow, everyone that had brains has died (their brains were very appealing to the zombies I guess) and everyone that's left has absolutely no common sense whatsoever.  So if shit is going to get done and the people he loves are going to be safe he's going to step it up.  I wish he'd just stop whining about it.

And that's where I am right now.  It's become so repetitive that I just don't care about anyone right now.  The people that I cared about, who still had an ounce of humanity left are all dead and the ones I could have cared about have become husks of human beings.

But I'll probably keep reading it....

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