Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the promise, part 1

the promise, part 1
avatar: the last airbender
gene luen yang & gurihiru
graphic novels/ya/adventure
dark horse
published 2012

Picking up exactly where Avatar: The Last Airbender left off, The Promise takes Aang to a Fire Nation colony in the heart of the Earth Nation, where tensions between neighbors threaten to shatter the world's newfound peace - putting the Avatar on a collision course with one of his closest friends, Fire Lord Zuko!

Although the Nickelodeon cartoon series concluded with a happy (per se) ending, I always wanted to continue on with Aang and crew to see where their lives would take them.  This is a nice compromise to another season of animation.

This is exactly what the series needed to continue and as it was when it was on TV the book deals with real life issues in the imaginary Airbender world.  Sure, they defeated Ozai and ended the war, but just like real life, that doesn't mean everything is wonderful from here on out.  Everyone wants peace, but not everyone wants to make the sacrifices to get there.

The only thing that threw me off was Aang and Katara's excessive use of the endearment 'sweetie'.  The first time was for effect and it worked, but every time after that I caught myself wincing.  I just didn't see either of them ever talking like that.  I guess I have to agree with Sokka.  It gives me the oogies!

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