Friday, January 11, 2013

you have killed me

you have killed me
jamie s. rich & joelle jones
graphic novels/thriller/mystery
oni press
published 2009

From Shelfari: Things just can't get any worse for Antonio Mercer. A private eye by trade, a dame from his past has re-surfaced in his life as a client along with all of the emotional baggage he thought he'd left behind forever. Of course, this unusual client doesn't have just any case - her family is mixed up with seriously dangerous people and the body count is just starting to pile up!

Your typical sort of noir story with the washed up detective, the powerful mobster and the beautiful 'dames'.  The art was good, the story was okay.  I liked it enough, but it wasn't something that I could sit and extol its virtue.  There just weren't that many of them. 

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