Friday, October 4, 2013

finding the dream

finding the dream
dream trilogy #3
nora roberts
published 1997

Laura Templeton found out the hard way that nothing in life is guaranteed.  The daughter of a wealthy hotelier, she had always known comfort, privilege and security.  But by the age of thirty, her storybook marriage had been destroyed by her husband's infidelity.  Laura's divorce left her both emotionally and financially devastated--but determined to rebuild her life without the Templeton fortune.  Laura had always defined herself as a wife, a daughter or a mother.  Now she must finally discover Laura the woman...

This one had me all teary!  I think because it focused on Kayla and Ali more than the other books had and it was just so heartbreaking.  The book felt very quick and somewhat rushed at the end, but like the others it was a good read and always fun to stick with characters for a couple of books.

My only real complaint was that Peter Ridgeway got away with everything!  Although, I suppose a better person would say losing his daughters was punishment I think he should have been hit where it hurt.  It bugs me that the book ends with him and Candy all smug.  Uck.

I guess I'll still hold out hope that she'll write another book like she did for the Chesapeake books.  This one can focus on Annie and the butcher!

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