Monday, October 21, 2013

sea swept

chesapeake bay trilogy #1
nora roberts
published 1998

Three men bound by the love of the extraordinary couple who took them in and raised them as brothers. Now grown and living on their own, the Quinn brothers must return to the family home on the Maryland shore, to honor their father's last request. A champion boat racer, Cameron Quinn traveled the world spending his winnings on champagne and women. But when his dying father called him home to care for Seth, a troubled young boy not unlike Cameron once was, his life changed overnight...

After years of independence, Cameron had to learn to live with his brothers again, while he struggled with cooking, cleaning, and caring for a difficult boy. Old rivalries and new resentments flared between Cameron and his brothers, but they tried to put aside their differences for Seth's sake. In the end, a social worker would decide Seth's fate, and as tough as she was beautiful, she had the power to bring the Quinns together—or tear them apart...

What can I say?  It's an easy Nora Roberts book.  There's some mystery and some romance and a little heart tugging.  I remember that the story ramps up pretty good in the next book in the trilogy (which I think ends up to be a quartet because if I remember correctly she revisits Seth when he's older).

The story is a lot like the Dreams trilogy.  Three sisters who aren't sisters start a business together.  These brothers who aren't brothers do the same, but she's also thrown in the mystery of Seth's parentage and the possible scandal surrounding that.

Cam and Anna are fun and it's more interesting to see Cam and Seth circle around each other.  Again, super fast read and pretty sweet.

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