Monday, March 3, 2014

cover reveal: drawing amanda

Stephanie Feuer's new novel, Drawing Amanda is the winner of Hipso Media's Next Big YA Book competition.  I'm currently in LOVE with this cover and was so excited when I was asked to participate in the cover reveal!  S. Y. Lee's illustration for the cover caught me and I can't wait to see how her illustrations will be incorporated into the eBooks!

From Hipso Media:
DRAWING AMANDA is set in the under-parented, high-expectation world of a Manhattan international prep school.  Fourteen-year-old Inky Kahn, smarting from the death of his father, only wants to have his artwork seen and appreciated.  When he submits a drawing of his secret crush - Amanda - to an Internet game developer, Inky inadvertently draws her into a cyber-stalker's lair.  Now Inky must use his art to save his muse and trap the creep before he ensnares anyone else.

I don't come across too many books written from the male POV and written by a female so I'm pretty intrigued to start reading.  I'll let you know what I think of it, but for now feast your eyes on this:

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