Friday, March 21, 2014

north world: the epic of conrad, book two

north world: the epic of conrad, book two
lars brown
oni press
published 2009

Conrad has thrown down his sword and picked up the tax forms, and has returned to Coeur du Lac to live a normal life.  But what's normal, anyway?  Can anything ever be normal for Conrad ever again?  When Kailee shows up in town hunting a demon summoner, she throws everything he had been working towards into disarray.  In the midst of that confusion, Conrad discovers that he has to face down his past if he wants to take control of his future, and he'll have to decide whether his future will be swords and sorcery or semi-variable cost financing!

There were two major problems with this book for me.  The first was I shouldn't have waited so long to read this second part because I seemed to have forgotten some key parts.  I found myself lost at times, forgetting who was who or what the back story was concerning a certain characters.  The second was three of the characters, Conrad included, were so similar looking that most of the time I didn't know who was in the frame with him right away.  That always kind of bugs me and bums me out when reading black & white books.

I think if I read this right after reading the first book I would have been more into it, but as it was I couldn't fully immerse myself in the story.

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