Thursday, May 15, 2014

batman: false faces

batman: false faces
brian k. vaughn
dc comics
published 2000

The Dark Knight has always managed to balance his double life as Batman and billionaire Bruce Wayne.  But what happens when leading a double life becomes too much for him to handle?  Up against his old enemies the Ventriloquist and the Mad Hatter, the guardian of Gotham City must keep it together in the face of their criminal endeavors...although his greatest adversary may be his own secret lives.

And when classic Batman villain Clayface decides to play a deadly new role, it's Wonder Woman who finds herself fighting to survive an identity crisis of her own.

Three short and unrelated stories all centered around identity.  Batman's, Bruce Wayne's, the villains and those around them.  I expected a little more being Brian K. Vaughn, but it is his earlier stuff.  I did feel like it was written for a younger set, especially the artwork, it had a more cartoony look to it.  I guess I'm just used to the darker Batman books.

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