Tuesday, May 27, 2014

batwoman: to drown the world

batwoman: to drown the world
j. h. williams & w. haden blackman
dc comics
published 2012

MEDUSA.  Taking its name from the horrifying creature of myth, this global conspiracy of crime has taken its war against goodness to Gotham City.  There, its sinister agents prey upon Gotham's children, using the guises of urban legends.  Ghosts in the mirror searching for bloody retribution.  Monsters in the sewer hungering for innocent lives.  Crazed specters spreading their pain in a tide of blood.  Brutal killers wielding death with a hook-bladed hand.

At MEDUSA's dark heart stands the Mother of Monsters.  Her goal is to drown the world in darkness.

It's bugging me that 1) this story is taking so long to wrap up and 2) the disjointed flip-flopping of the story.  Switching from character to character isn't a big deal, but the time lines going back and forth really irked me.  I like a good, even flow to my books.

There's a whole lot of supernatural in Batwoman's world.  More so than Batman and yet they are from the same Gotham.

I don't think I'll keep reading Batwoman, but I do want to see how this story ends.

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