Thursday, May 1, 2014

dancing barefoot

dancing barefoot
wil wheaton
published 2003

There are five stories, spanning 30 years, between these covers.  Some of them are funny, one is pretty damn sentimental, but they are all true.  I wrote them shortly after my 30th birthday, as I looked to my past in an attempt to understand my present, and not fear my future.
Wil Wheaton writes five short, but sweet and insightful stories about love, loss and growing up but remaining a kid at heart.  While all the stories had their high points, the longest story The Saga of SpongeBob VegasPants was my favorite because it had a bit of everything.  I think that the most endearing thing about Wil Wheaton is that he is still unsure of himself.  He is confident when it comes down to it and he's in his element, but before he finds his bearings he's sort of just this normal guy who really wants to make people happy.

And his recounting of meeting WILLIAM FUCKING SHATNER was painfully sweet.

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