Thursday, May 15, 2014

batman r.i.p.

batman r.i.p.
grant morrison
dc comics
published 2008

In mind, body and spirit, Batman has trained himself to the peak of human ability.  But even the World's Greatest Detective has his limits - and now he has an enemy who knows exactly where they are.

I have got to admit, reading this was .... strange.  I liked the artwork and the Joker is magnificent.  I love the creepy, skinny, truly insane Joker best, but Zur-En-Arrh Batman?  And the chubby little Batman cherub?  It lost all kinds of credibility for me there.

Not to say that it wasn't good or that Batman should never be wacky because I think every once in awhile it should be a tension breaker, but this didn't feel like someone having fun, it felt like someone was trying to take it seriously.

That said it was a good read for the most part except I could have done without the last two stories which, for me, just ended up being confusing.

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