Tuesday, December 3, 2013

the last dragonslayer

the last dragonslayer
jasper fforde
published 2012

In the good old days, magic was indispensable - it could both save a kingdom and clear a clogged drain.  But now magic is fading: drain cleaner is cheaper than a spell, and magic carpets are used for pizza delivery.  Fifteen-year-old foundling Jennifer Strange runs Kazam, an employment agency for magicians - but it's hard to stay in business when magic is drying up.  And then the visions start, predicting the death of the world's last dragon at the hands of an unnamed Dragonslayer.  If the visions are true, everything will change for Kazam - and for Jennifer.  Because something is coming.  Something known as .... Big Magic.

Jennifer.  Quite a common name for such an interesting character.  Maybe that's why Fforde gave her the last name 'Strange'.

There are funny bits.  Like how money is called 'moolah' and just all around silliness.  There is adventure and mystery.  Sweetness and sadness.  It has all the elements to make a really good book, but it was just okay.  I never really could get into it.  I can't say why, I just found my mind wandering in spots.  I wasn't really paying attention.  Even now, I can't think of anything that I really loved or felt a pull towards in the book.  It wasn't bad, it was just okay.  And I guess every once in a while okay is enough.

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