Monday, January 12, 2015

batman incorporated: demon star

batman incorporated: demon star
grant morrison, chris burnham & frazer irving
dc comics
published 2013

Eisner Award-winning fan-favorite writer Grant Morrison concludes the Batman epic he began nearly a decade about in Batman & Son, pitting the entirety of Batman Incorporated against the Leviathan organization headed by the Dark Knight's former romantic interest Talia al Ghul.  As Leviathan enacts a plan that threatens the world, Batman and his allies must fight against the riding storm, but not everyone will make it out of the encounter alive.

Kind of jumbled and all over the place.  It seemed like Morrison was trying to pack a bunch of info in a few panels.  And to be honest, it feels more like a Batman & Robin story, not a Batman Incorporated.  The art is.....ugly.  I mean, yes, it's drawn way better than I can draw anything, but everyone is just really, really ugly.  It reminds me of Beavis & Butthead.  Not good.

I read something somewhere in which someone said Grant Morrison is more of a concept guy than an execution guy and it makes complete sense to me now.  It makes me a little hesitant to pick up anything else he's written although I have the next volume here because I have to seeing as it ties in with everything else across the board.  Grrrrrr

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