Monday, January 12, 2015

graphic novels & manga challenge

Once again I'm doing the Graphic Novels & Manga challenge hosted by Nicola.  I'm not including my GNs in my 'regular' book lists so I'll be using this to keep track.  If you're interested in signing up you can do that here!

I'm starting with the Modern Age level (12 books) Completed 1.15.15
Bronze Age (24 books)
  1. Batman & Robin: Born To Kill - Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray
  2. Batman & Robin: Pearl - Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray
  3. Batman & Robin: Death of the Family - Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray
  4. Batman & Robin: Requiem For Damian - Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray & Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
  5. Batman Incorporated: Demon Star - Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham, Frazer Irving & Andres Guinaldo
  6. Friends With Boys - Faith Erin Hicks
  7. Bad Houses - Sara Ryan & Carla Speed McNeil
  8. Chew: Bad Apples - John Layman & Rob Guillory
  9. Locke & Key: Alpha & Omega - Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez
  10. The Shadow Hero - Gene Luen Yang & Sonny Liew
  11. Batman: Night Of The Owls - Scott Snyder & Various Others
  12. Revival: You're Among Friends - Tim Seeley & Mike Norton
  13. Curses! Foiled Again - Jane Yolen & Mike Cavallaro
  14. Level Up - Gene Luen Yang & Thien Pham
  15. Maniac Killer Strikes Again! - Richard Sala
  16. Batman Incorporated: Gotham's Most Wanted - Grant Morrison & Chris Burnham
  17. Detective Comics: Faces of Death - Tony S. Daniel
  18. Fatale: Death Chases Me - Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips

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  1. Welcome back Kari! We've got a great year ahead of us! I've read B&R 3+4, but have them all now so will be starting back at 1 soon. Didn't like Damien at first but he's grown on me. LOL


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