Sunday, February 12, 2012


rebecca donner & inaki miranda
dc comics
published 2008

(from the back cover) When Danni and her mom move in with her mom's alcoholic boyfriend, Danni develops a fierce crush on Haskell, her soon-to-be-stepbrother who's a hardcore environmentalist.  Desperate and confused, Danni wrestles with what she's willing to sacrifice as she confronts first love, family secrets, and the politics of ecoterrorism - set against the lush backdrop of the Pacific Northwest.

This was one of those graphic novels that I wish was actually a book that had been turned into a graphic so I could go back and read the novel.  There was so much story, it was so rich, but I felt like I wanted more.  More dialogue, more history, more story.  Danni is wonderfully refreshing.  Her mother, not the typical stays-with-abusive-boyfriend stock.  There's mystery that never really gets revealed, but bravery abound.

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