Sunday, February 12, 2012

lost at sea

lost at sea
bryan lee o'malley
oni press
published 2002

Raleigh's soul was stolen when she was younger.  By a cat.  Or so she believes.  Now she's in a car with three almost strangers driving back to Canada from California.  Will this trip be what brings Raleigh out of her shell?  Will she even survive this trip?!

This was not like Scott Pilgrim at all!  At first I was a little bored.  Raleigh has a way of telling her story that makes it confusing, which I suppose is the point.  But the further along they get on their road trip the more she starts to fall apart and somehow everything starts to make sense. 

I loved Stephanie and how she tried to make friends without forcing the issue.  I loved how everyone embraced Raleigh's craziness.  And I loved how when it really started to meltdown Stephanie wouldn't let it.

I just wish I knew what was in the letter!

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