Sunday, February 12, 2012


nina malkin
swoon series #1
simon pulse
published 2009

Candice has been moved to the town of Swoon to get away from 'troubles' she had in NYC.  Though it's not the most exciting place in the world, Candice doesn't mind.  She's got her cousin Penelope and Pen's friends to keep her occupied and relatively normal.  Until Pen falls from a tree and is inhabited by a vengeful ghost bent on making the families of Swoon pay for the misdeeds of their ancestors.  No one is aware of Sinclair except for Candice and though she knows that he's trouble for their town she can't help but falling for him.

This book was so ... weird.

There were times when a chapter ended and then a new one began that I thought maybe I had missed pages somewhere.  Half the time I felt lost, something just went right over my head.  I got the gist of the story, but details were a little foggy.  I also didn't quite get why Candice fell for Sinclair.  It was immediate and the only reason I could think of was pity.

There was quite a bit of sex in this YA book.  Nothing graphic, but nothing vague either.  It actually is the one thing in the book that isn't vague!

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