Saturday, February 4, 2012

why i will avoid the pink

I'm sure you've all read about or at least seen a headline about the Susan G. Komen/Planned Parenthood hoopla.  If you haven't, basically this past week the nation has blown up over the Susan G. Komen's decision to stop funding cancer screening and prevention at Planned Parenthood.  The decision they said was based on a new policy to not give money to groups under investigation.  Currently, a Republican Congressman started an "investigation" into PP allowing SGK to create their new policy and stop funding to PP.

That day the web exploded.  Posts all over Facebook, Twitter & hundreds of blogs turned the web into a movement.  Even 22 Democratic Senators got into the movement, sending a letter asking SGK to reverse it's decision.  In one day Planned Parenthood reported donations of over $400,000 with a promise from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg of $250,000 more to make up for the $600,000 SGK would not be providing PP.  And donations are still coming in because despite SGK's very public 'apology' and promise to reinstate funds to PP they also went promising to continue grants to PP, just finish out the one they already had going.

I was incensed.  I am a staunch supporter of Planned Parenthood and not just because I am a woman and Pro-Choice.  I support Planned Parenthood because they provide health care for women who could not afford to seek that healthcare elsewhere.  When I was working as a waitress with no health benefits I visited PP on a regular basis.  Got everything I needed from them and they never once made me feel ashamed that I couldn't afford to pay much.  I always tried to pay something, but no where close to what those services would have cost me anywhere else.

And yes, 3% of PP's services are focused on abortion.  3%.  Planned Parenthood provides contraception, STD screening, care & prevention, prenatal care, cancer screening and prevention, primary care, adoption services, pregnancy testing and abortions.  But guess what?  Everything listed there is legal.  It's procedures and services that hundreds of clinics and hospitals perform everyday.

So to deny PP funds that go directly to cancer screening and prevention the Susan G. Komen foundation is denying women health care.  They are going against what they say they are about.

I started reading more about Susan G. Komen and came across this blurb about Behind the Pink Curtain and it was about that time that I decided there were better cancer groups to support.  Planned Parenthood isn't the only group who will soon not get funding from SGK.  The foundation will not support any group that supports or participates in stem cell research.  So they really aren't 'for the cure', are they?

I am not denying that SGK has done great things for cancer research as well as inspiring people worldwide to try to make a difference, but for now I'm supporting Planned Parenthood and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  I believe in stem cell research and I believe a woman has a right to take care of her body.  Like Balloon Juice said it is VERY easy to not support SGK.  All we have to do is look out for those pink ribbons.

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