Friday, February 10, 2012

once a witch


carolyn maccullough
once a witch series #1
clarion books
published 2009

Tamsin was born into a family, or rather THE family of witches.  When she was born her grandmother fortold that Tamsin would be the most powerful witch in the family.  She would be a beacon.  But when Tamsin's 8th birthday comes and her Talent doesn't manifest she realizes that for the first time her grandmother was wrong.  To escape the fact that she is the outcast of her family she attends boarding school in New York, but one night while home working in the family shop a man mistakes her for her powerful sister Rowena and asks her to find a family heirloom for him.  And that's when everything falls apart.

Tamsin is fun, sarcastic and just a tad pouty.  But who could blame her?  Not only does she live in the shadow of her perfect, talented, soon-to-be-head-of-the-family sister, but she also is the only one in her family who has no Talent.  Her 'loooove' interest is instantly familiar.  I guess because he sounds like every other YA hero, but that's okay.  I'm more interested in Tamsin.

The book certainly leaves off with a cliffhanger, but not nailbitingly so.  Enough that you're interested in reading the next one, finishing the story.

All in all, a quick, fun read!

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