Sunday, February 19, 2012


dramacon, volume one
dramacon, volume two
dramacon, volume three
svetlana chmakova
published 2005-2007

Christie attends her first Con with her jerk boyfriend who flirts with every cute cosplayer who stops by their table and treats her like dirt.  She runs into (literally) Matt in tears and he comforts her and so begins a sweet little love story set in Anime Con carnival.

I really, really like Svetlana's work.  I loved Nightschool and so I went out and found Dramacon just so I wouldn't be so sad to have finished Nightschool so quickly.  This story was fun, silly, cute and a couple of time a little serious.  I loved every single one of the characters, though I wish we could have found out what was wrong with the bitch at the next table in Volume Two.  Blech.

Cute cute cute overload.  But I love it.

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