Wednesday, February 6, 2013

antique bakery, vol. 1

antique bakery, vol. 1
fumi yoshinaga
graphic novels/manga/romance/ya
digital manga publishing
published 2005

When an old antique shop re-opens as the hottest new bakery in an unsuspecting neighborhood, there's no doubt that a few surprises are cooking.  Love, rejection, old high school flames and the most delicious boy-to-boy affections all blend together to make a treat unlike any other.  The Antique Bakery is now for a dessert?

I don't even know what to say about this book!  It was so....weird.  Not in a bad way, I just couldn't figure out what the point was.  It seemed like a bunch of short stories that are all slightly connected.  It was hard to get the hang of it at first because everyone kind of looks the same, but after awhile it was just a fun and silly story.  We got the backstories of the three employees at the bakery and how the bakery came to be in addition to a couple of other seemingly unrelated stories so now I'm curious if the next volume follows any of these other stories. 

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