Monday, February 4, 2013

gregor & the prophecy of bane

gregor & the prophecy of bane
gregor the overlander series #2
suzanne collins
published 2004

Months have passed since Gregor first fell into the strange Underland beneath New York City, and he swears he will never go back. But he is destined to be a key player in another prophecy, this one about and ominous white rat called the Bane. The Underlanders know there is only one way to lure Gregor back to their world: by kidnapping his little sister, Boots. Now Gregor's quest reunites him with his bat, Ares, and the rebellious queen-to-be, Luxa. They descend into the dangerous Waterway in search of the Bane, and Gregor knows what is at stake. If he does not fulfill the prophecy, his life, and the Underland will never be the same.

Oooh, how I love Boots.  Again, tears were shed reading about Gregor and his adventures Underland.  There's not much I want to say because to say something would be to spoil this book for future readers.  But I can say this:  Suzanne Collin's Gregor books are a testament to true literature.  It doesn't matter if it was written for 5-year-olds or 50-year-olds because both can enjoy it thoroughly.  The themes are timeless.  The story exciting, thrilling and yet also grounding and sad.  Here we have a story written for children, but a gift to us all.

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