Monday, February 18, 2013

bunny drop, vol. 4

bunny drop, vol. 4
yumi unita
graphic novel/manga/drama
yen press
published 2011

Having lived with his adopted daughter, Rin, for over a year now, Daikichi still considers the female mind to be far beyond his grasp! So when his cousin Haruko shows up on his doorstep with her daughter, Reina, in tow and claims to have "run away," Daikichi is faced with navigating the twists and turns of the female psyche to get to the bottom of Haruko's situation. And ultimately, through the perspectives of both Haruko and the other parents he meets through Rin's school, Daikichi gradually begins to comprehend the many meanings of parenthood...

I catch myself smiling every time I read one of these books!

Rin is the best and I am on pins and needles wondering if something will ever happen with Nitani.  I just adore her and I think she and Daikichi would make the best couple ever!

Daikichi still questions everything he does, wondering if he's doing the right thing for Rin.  Always putting himself second to her and doing his best to take care of her, he doesn't realize that he's already the best father for Rin.  But his insecurities concerning his parenting abilities is endearing.  It makes you understand just how important Rin is to him.

Nitani's comment about why children get snuggly when they're not feeling well was probably my favorite part because it made me think of my own kids.  And making parent friends, well that's a milestone everyone should be proud to reach.

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