Monday, February 4, 2013


alex delaware series #9
jonathan kellerman
bantam books
published 1995

Dr Alex Delaware doesn't see many private patients any more, but for a young woman called Lucy Lowell he's prepared to make an exception. Referred to him by the police detective Milo Sturgis, Lucy had been a juror at the harrowing trial of a serial killer, and having survived that trauma is now being subjected to further emotional stress: a recurrent nightmare of a young child in a forest at night, watching something as furtive as it is disturbing.

Now Lucy's dream is starting to disrupt her waking life, and Alex believes the power of the dream and its grip on her emotions may be a repressed childhood memory of something very real.

Something like murder...

Boy, Dr. Delaware is always finding trouble!

For some reason Dr. Delaware's forays into crime solving never bug me the way Kay Scarpetta's do.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's because you get a good sense that Delaware is going that extra mile for his patients.  He really wants to help them, really wants to make their lives better, their problems go away.  Plus, I think he's a sucker for a good mystery.

I liked the story quite well, but I have to admit that when one of the 'killers' was revealed I had to do a search on the kindle to see where they'd mentioned this guy before because I could not remember.  There were way too many character to sort through this time around.  Actually, this is probably not the first time I've noticed this.  But in this story alone there was Alex, Robyn, Milo, Del, Lucy, Puck, Ken, Jo, Buck, the Sheas, Doris, App, Mellon, Trafficant, the Bogettes, Nova, Sherrell, Karen, Dr. Embry, MacIlhenny, Bleichart, Leah, Chris Graydon-Jones, Barnard.....that's what I can think of and out of all of those only 4 are returning characters.  It was a lot to take in.  So the great reveal near the end was a kind of 'whaaat??' moment for me and probably not the 'whaaat?' moment Kellerman was aiming for.

But I really liked Lucy.  I rooted for her and didn't want her to be some nutcase that was playing everyone or making stuff up.  I would've gone to bat for her just like Milo & Alex did.

I still crack up that no one has a cell phone.

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