Friday, February 15, 2013

the color of heaven

the color of heaven
the color trilogy #3
kim dong hwa
graphic novel/romance/ya
first second
published 2009

A celebration of the triumph of true love.
As Ehwa grew from a girl to a young woman in The Color of Earth and The Color of Water, she began to understand and experience love and relationships, with her mother as a model and confidante.  Now, in the heartwarming conclusion to this lyrically written and delicately drawn trilogy, Ehwa's true love comes at last, and as her mother looks on, she takes the final steps towards becoming an adult.  

I'm was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this trilogy.  Ehwa was so sweet, but she could be a little brat sometimes.  She grew up and learned more, but retained that innocence and sweetness.  I think near the end of this one I started to relate more when Ehwa's mother realized how soon Ehwa would be leaving her behind to get married.  The whole sadness of having an empty nest, of 'losing' your daughter to someone else was so very sad.

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