Monday, February 11, 2013

the coven

the coven
sweep series #2
cate tiernan
penguin group
published 2007

Morgan's powers are stronger than she ever imagined. She has visions, she lights fires with her mind, and her spells work miracles. When her boyfriend Cal, a member of the same coven, insists that witchcraft is in her blood, Morgan is confused. Her parents definitely aren't witches. They do seem to be keeping something secret, though-something about Morgan's past.

Ugh.  I can't believe this is the same Cate Tiernan who wrote Immoral Beloved, but it is what it is.

The series is starting to take a hokey kind of cheesiness that Wicca fiction books tend to lean towards.

And also, Morgan is kind of an idiot.

I still have, like, 100 books left in this series.  I've got 4 more in my hand now so I'll continue to read 'em.  At 200 pages per book they're super fast reads so it's not that bad.  And who knows, maybe they'll get better?

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