Wednesday, February 13, 2013

bunny drop, vol. 3

bunny drop, vol. 3
yumi unita
graphic novel/manga/drama
yen press
published 2011 (english version)

As an impromptu dad to Rin, his late grandfather's illegitimate child, Daikichi Kawachi has experienced his share of firsts while caring for his little aunt (?). Now it's Daikichi's turn to battle the initial wave of separation anxiety as Rin leaves the nest...for her first day of elementary school! Rin's elementary school isn't the only place with new faces, either. Daikichi's office is also inundated with first-timers, some of whom have their eyes on their gangly new coworker! And while father and daughter are experiencing (coping with?) all these firsts left and right, the first anniversary of Gramps's death also sneaks up on the pair... as does the first anniversary of their paths crossing...

It was endearing to see how worried Daikichi was to let Rin walk to school without him.  Of course she was with Kouki who proved himself to be quite the protector!  I really hope something happens with Nitani, Kouki's mom because I just think she's the sweetest and perfect for Daikichi.  Masako's still quite the mystery.  Part of me wants her just to go away because I don't want her to threaten what Daikichi and Rin have, but the other part of me wants Rin to know and love her mother.

Such a soap opera!

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